Hi, my name is Yolanda Y Spearman. I’m a business owner, wife, mom and travel enthusiast who loves all things chocolate, reading and spending time with family & friends!

Aside from the many hats I wear, one of my greatest passions is helping others, especially women by sharing my true, authentic stories and experiences. As someone who has experienced disappointments, depression, relationship struggles, sexual assault and low self esteem to name a few, I know there is no greater sense of defeat than when one feels alone and/or ashamed. It is my firm belief however that if we shared our stories, our tragedies as well as our triumphs, our valley experiences as well as our mountain highs, we will come to the realization that truly we are not alone. These are the stories and experiences I share through social media, webinars and online courses because I believe in doing so I am able to validate someone else’s feelings, let them know they are not alone in what they have or are going through and provide valuable resources and tips to help them heal and move forward on their journey so they can in turn, help someone else!